Tuesday, 31 Oct 2017
  • Before any work can commence all timber substrates on houses built before the 1980s require to be tested for the presence of lead.
  • Once the presence of lead has been determined the job can take two paths.

Negative reading for lead

  • We will wash your home down with a good cleaning agent to soften all grease and grime and kill the Moss. (This is usually done up to 1 week before the wash-down)
  • Waterblast all surfaces to be painted so as they are free from all contaminants.
  • Plastic any paths, gardens or shrubbery within the work area.
  • Any filling then takes place.
  • Filler sanded and spot primed along with any other bare substrates.
  • Two top coats of the highest quality paint are then applied.
  • Plastic is lifted and all work ares cleaned up upon completion of job.
  • Client then walked around job to ensure satisfaction.
Tuesday, 31 Oct 2017
  • Upon acceptance of our quote we will arrange a suitable time with you to start the job.
  • Day or night.
  • Any carpeting will have sticky plastic applied so as to stop all dirt, dust and debris entering the pile.
  • All rooms not affected by the work area will be plastic sheeted to eliminate any dust or smell entering areas not in the scope of work.
  • We will generally start with a good clean down of all surfaces to be repainted and or wallpapered.
  • Plastering will take place to ensure all surfaces are in good condition to apply top coats.
  • Sealer Coat then applied over all Ceilings and walls. Pigmented sealer if wet area painting or preparing for wallpaper.
  • All trim is sanded, and gap filled before one undercoat and two top coats.
  • If pigmented sealer or other oil based primers or paints are required we will use our extraction system to keep the smell to an absolute minimum. (Please note some smell may still linger for a few days after completion)
  • Once painting and or wallpapering is complete we will scrape all windows free from any paint roll around a dust down.
  • Double check all areas are completed to the highest standard.
  • Lift sticky plastic from carpet and vacuum all areas that had a chance of being exposed to dust.
  • Client showed around work areas and signs off on the job
  • Job Done