Wednesday, 31 Jan 2018

Investments in your home are never taken lightly, and painting is no exception. Choosing the right painting company is crucial to achieving a high-quality finish that will stand the test of time, and ensuring you are happy with the experience.


A professional painting company will provide a detailed proposal for your project, including a quote broken down into components. This ensures there aren’t any surprises and if you are comparing quotes you can see where the differences are. For example, maybe one quote has included the scaffolding and another hasn’t.


This is also their opportunity to clearly demonstrate that they understand your needs and concerns. Misunderstandings and ambiguity can lead to disappointment, so make sure your painter is a clear and proactive communicator.


While a contractor can tell you all about why they are the best for the job, there’s nothing like feedback from previous customers to set your mind at ease. Ask them to provide testimonials and referees, and check out online reviews.


Reviews will give you a good feel for the contractor, also pay attention to their demeanour at your first meeting – are they friendly, polite and respectful of your property? The contractor will be on your property or in your house, potentially for some time. You need to feel comfortable with them being there.


Ask whether employees are security checked and find out what procedures are for keeping the worksite tidy, safe and secure. And trust your gut – if you don’t feel comfortable with the contractor, don’t employ them.


Choosing a painter who is a member of Master Painters NZ is important, it means their work must meet industry standards, and provides you with an avenue to seek recourse if disputes arise.


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