Exterior Services

Tuesday, 31 Oct 2017
  • Before any work can commence all timber substrates on houses built before the 1980s require to be tested for the presence of lead.
  • Once the presence of lead has been determined the job can take two paths.

Negative reading for lead

  • We will wash your home down with a good cleaning agent to soften all grease and grime and kill the Moss. (This is usually done up to 1 week before the wash-down)
  • Waterblast all surfaces to be painted so as they are free from all contaminants.
  • Plastic any paths, gardens or shrubbery within the work area.
  • Any filling then takes place.
  • Filler sanded and spot primed along with any other bare substrates.
  • Two top coats of the highest quality paint are then applied.
  • Plastic is lifted and all work ares cleaned up upon completion of job.
  • Client then walked around job to ensure satisfaction.